Main Room

Floor Space 17 x 15 m
Sprung wood floor
250 chairs
26 tables
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


Electric oven
Gas hot plates
150 dinner settings


Floor Space   10 x 5m to curtain
6m x 6 m to front edge
Cyclorama wall

Green Room  

Floor Space   5.5m x 4.4m
Car parking is available behind the Hall accessed via Bicentenary Lane


The Main Hall will seat 265 patrons in theatre seating style – If there is no bar and no catering. An aisle must be down the middle of the Hall with 2 side aisles – this is necessary in cases of an emergency.
The Administration Officer will discuss with hirers the number of patrons permitted if there is a bar and/or catering provided.

There are 275 chairs – 160 padded chairs are to be stored stacked 7 high against the wall on the right hand side not blocking any exits or doors, any remaining padded chairs are to be placed into the cupboards on the right hand side. The plastic chairs are stacked in the cupboard on the left hand side – 10 high. Please return them to their correct positions.


MAIN HALL – Client Operated


Full theatre lighting available with a selection of 12 preset scenes with one touch control..


Easy to operate with full instructions – two radio microphones and aux input for ipad, phone, laptop. Output suits all situations – dance music, speaker,etc.


A portable projector and screen are available.


MAIN HALL – Accredited Operator Required


  • 2x FOH bars and 2x Stage bars
  • Luninaires – 9x 1.2K Fresnel Rama 150, 4x RGBW LED profiles PLZS1,
  • 5x RGBW LED PLcyc1, 2x LED Quadcolour Multipar
  • 6x Par64 RGBW LED
  • Control console ETC Element 250 channel
  • LSC Redback 12 channel dimmer
  • LSC Redback 36 way patch panel


  • L&R speakers EV 15″ passive; Centre fill EV 12” speaker; Subs twin EV 18″
  • Digital audio mixing console Alan & Heath GLD80
  • Audio rack/stage box 24XLR in, 12XLR out
  • 2x  EV 12″ powered foldback wedges
  • EV Headworn Lavalier microphones x12
  • EV handheld wireless microphones x5
  • EV handheld microphones x4
  • Stands, leads, DL boxes, associated hardware


  • NEC D-cinema 2K projector
  • GDC Server and touchscreen
  • Digital audio Processor and Scaler/Switcher
  • Projection Screen motorised 6.0mWx 3.4mH
  • Krix cinema 5.1 surround sound